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VideoKunstReihe 2007

7. Jan. Der Lama, die Jurte, das Orakel – Unterwegs mit einem Lama in der Mongolei I, Mongolia 1994

4. Febr. Von Beruf Lama – Unterwegs mit einem Lama in der Mongolei II, Mongolia 1994

4. März Schnelles Grau / Fast Gray, China, 1990 Die Summe aller Dinge, D 1990

1. April Some proofs of water refraining from shaping, Japan 1999 Trespassing, D 1969/71 aus: Reversible Prozesse Angleichung, D 1969/71 aus: Reversible Prozesse Wasserschatten, D 1969/71 aus: Reversible Prozesse

6. Mai Art Flood, D 1999/2000 Continental Breakfast, D 2000/01

3. Juni Der Dämon im Stein – Das Ritual des Zerbrechens des Steines des ’l Leonardo von Tibet’, Tibet 1988

1. Juli Dreimal Chi- Die Urenergie Chinas, 1990

5. August Dakinis in Jurten – Chöd-Meisterinnern der Mongolei, Mongolia 1994

2. September Ich kann sehen was ich will – Schnecken-Territorium, D 1974 Selbstversuch II , D 1969/71 aus: Reversible Prozesse Selbstversuch IV, D 1969/71 aus: Reversible Prozesse

7. Oktober sKor-Lam-Gebetsmuehlen, Amulette, Niederwerfungen, Tibet 1985-95

2. Dez. Vom Leben und Sterben und der Wiederkehr des Serkong Rinpoche. Und seine Inthronisation im Kloster tabo in Spiti. Tibet 1988


Sonntag / Sunday June 3, 2007 Demon in the Rock/ Der Daemon im Stein Das Ritual des Zerbrechens des Steines des ‘Leonardo von Tibet’ A video document by Wolf Kahlen, Tibet/Spiti, 1988/90, 110 minutes

The 14/15th century Tibetan mahasiddha Thang-stong rGyal-po (spoken:tungtonggyulpo) is believed by Wolf Kahlen, besides other genious activities as a Leonardo of Tibet, the founder of Tibetan theater A-lche lha-mo). His plays are known ,well but the missing link for a proof of this thesis has not yet been searched for.

We found it in 1988 in Spiti: And this so far undocumented ceremony, thought to have been vanished by long, called Pho-bar rdo-gcog (Breaking of the Stone), which incorporates within a pre-buddhist (Bon) ritual a history lesson. The astounding dramaturgy of the event obviously is a masterpiece. There might have been changes in the course of more than 500 years, But the ritual repeatedly is attributed to the Great Magican, and still practized today in the high plain deserts of Spiti, a country secluded by mountain passes and cut off the world by politics, neighbouring Guge, Tsaparang and Tholing, in the most eastern corner of Himachal Pradesh, India. The contents of the ritual are several differently accentuated tries first to ask friendly, then ban, then chase or force a demon, who has hidden inside a rock of temple doorstep dimensions, to leave the place, since he is the originator of an epidemic disease. Blessings, offerings, sword dances and the use of the magic dagger (phur-bu) are all in vain.

Finally to set the demon free, the rock is placed on the chest of an "acting" initiated one in trance, and smashed by a boulder. The historical part within the two hours ritual is structured like a funny event in the beginning, when a nomad pretends to be a buddhist believer, later discovered as an enemy of "religion" in general, as the "Wild King of the North" himself, who has to be killed finally. This input calms down the dense tension of the ritual, then leads up step by step to the final solution of the ritual.

The film is one of the results of the First International Thang-stong rgyal-po Expedition, and shows the search and finding of the fully recorded, here abbreviated ceremony. It is both a sensational scholarly research,and, since seen by an artist, an emotional loaded experience.

Die Filme von Wolf Kahlen / The films of Wolf Kahlen