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The main impetus of Diana Artus‘ work is her interest in expectation, standards and frustration as defining elements of human activity. Her artistic approach is especially concerned with the ambivalent nature of desire: always oscillating between enthusiasm and rejection, highly fugitive, full of antagonisms and absurdity.

The preferred area under investigation is the big city which is both in the same time: full and empty of desire. A landscape build on promise, a container filled with daily disenchantment. Thus, urban surfaces and textures can easily become the mental and emotional displays of their contemplators mirroring their pleasures and their anxieties. The artist‘s practice aims to explore and to question these displays and their configuration with regard to the possibility of a reconfiguration.

The gaze of the flaneur is thereby taken to extremes resulting in a broken romance, smashing its fragments into even more fragments with pleasure and reassemble them to a puzzle that never fits.

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Diana Artus
Degrees of Seperation