Demirrorized Zone

mit Arbeiten von Young-Hae Chang HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Kyong Park, Yang Hae-gue, Ham Jin, Kim Sang-gil, Jung Yeon-doo. Co-Kurator: Henk Slager

An exhibition in the series FACING : KOREA - contemporary Korean art - WWW.FACINGKOREA.NL In cooperation with Canvas International Art, FOAM - Fotografie Museum Amsterdam and the Netherlands Media Art Institute. The exhibition is co-funded by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Mondriaan Foundation, Prins Bernhard Cultural Foundation and VSB Fund. A catalogue will be published.
DEMIRRORIZED ZONE is an exhibition that touches on culture-critical aspects of contemporary Korean art. A young generation of Korean artists particularly see art as a ‘temporary autonomous zone’: a space for free imagination which feels no obligation to adhere uncritically to the two available systems- the traditional Confucianism and the contemporary dictate of globalism – but in which it is possible to think critically about the way the two models construct identity. It appears that recognition for the imagination is demanded, without resorting to a glorification of local phenomena.
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