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Is the act of self immolation an end point or a departure point? Sacrificial violence thrown against the demoniacal impasses of power, breaking the flow of an axiomatic abstraction of normality.

David Kennedy Cutler “entraps” color transparencies of self-immolators downloaded from the internet in sculptures made out of clear, cast and sculpted soap. These irregularly shaped icebergs freeze the kinesthetic, deafen the traumatic sounds of the farthest limits of decomposition. destitution, despair, revolt.

A melting, obscured rendition of ideological emblems that addresses without narrating or explaining, as in his series of sculptures made with bubble gum; in this earlier body of work, the American and the Confederate flags, the White House, are rendered in cartoonish spinelessness and proto-pop roughness. Values, morals, homelands, private certitudes are constitutive of the work that finds escape routes in what the eye extracts from transluscency, in what is excised from the surplus of dirt and tree branches, band-aids, sand, soap and bubble gum.

Together with the Icebergs (self-immolators), 2006 , Incorporeal, 2006, over three meters of assembled tree branches that transverse to flesh colored band-aids, like the Greek nymph Daphne arrested in the bark of a laurel tree to shun Apollo’s yearning.

The bodiless, ethereal, ghostly, illusory, intangible, phantasmal, phantasmic, spectral, spiritual, unfleshy, unreal; like Yves Klein and the immaterial, Duchamp's search for the fabrications of human ritual, the transcendence of the minimal, the worthless made spiritual, the essence of a thing usurping its function. (DKC, 2006)

David Kennedy Cutler (b. 1979, Sandgate, Vermont) lives and works in Brooklyn, USA. This is his second one-person exhibition with Nice & Fit.

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David Kennedy-Cutler