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g-module will present the first solo exhibition outside of the United States for Brooklyn, New York based master doodler, draughtsman, translator, regurgitator and creator, Dan Zeller. " …the process of drawing for me is a form of travel where information is consumed, digested, and regurgitated.. " stated Dan Zeller in a text from 2001. In recent works, such consumption, digestion and regurgitation has evolved into a methodology of the medium itself. The incredulous drawings of Dan Zeller sustain a dexterous throng of mushroom like organisms as in the ink on paper "Globular Encumbrance ." Explosions of organic matter appear to regenerate some foreign life force, indicative of some unknown power ; little tenticles grow out of larger bodies, feeding entities that symbiotically generate or destroy ; channels of organic, yet nuclear matter flow across the paper in works like " Transient Undercurrent, " seeking some position or grounding on its surface. These and other marks from the pencil or pen are inscribed on the paper via a series of rules Zeller sets for himself - including most importantly … to " always respect what has already been put on the page, as if every line is sovereign territory, not to be crossed or obscured ." Meaning, no mark is a mistake; each one adds to the existing other, but with no error or reason - ancient, archetypal, mystical lines organize the evolution of a pattern : resembling disorder, yet actually a succession of orders n which everything appears to be a part of a certain circular time. Dan Zeller has shown throughout the United States in both gallery and museum exhibitions since 1992 including Pierogi, New York and Daniel Weinberg, Los Angeles, The Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock and The John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Public Collections include The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The Arkansas Art Center.

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Daniel Zeller