press release

OPENING 24.02.2017, 18.00

Justine Blau / Jimmie Durham / Adrien Missika / Elsa Salonen / Daniel Steegmann Mangrané / Hartmut Stockter

Pachamama is a term used by indigenous groups from South America for the goddess mother nature. Their understanding of a »buen vivir« (good living) as a way of doing things in a harmonious community, a community that includes nature, led to the first implementation of the Rights of Nature by a governmental constitution in Ecuador 2008. The Rights of Nature means a change of perspective. Under this law, nature is no longer understood as property but is acknowledged in all its life forms as having the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles. Taking this specific moment in time, Corridor 2 asks: What does it mean to see nature not only as a source for harvest and economic wealth, but as an equal partner? How do we understand and imagine this partner? What kind of different intelligences are contained within nonhuman worlds?