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Superbia was initiated by artist and curator Stephen Brandes in 2000 in response to the growing trend in visual arts to explore alternative venues. It is an ongoing project that aims to stage a series of high profile exhibitions which bring contemporary art out of the city centre gallery and into non-traditional venues on the periphery of the urban world. For Cork 2005 Brandes has devised 'Superbia2', a site-specific exhibition of contemporary artworks exploring the theme of childhood, housed in a suburban primary school. For 'Superbia2', Brandes and co-curator Darragh Hogan, have chosen artists whose work adapts to the original function of particular areas of the school, classroom, playground, assembly room. Both adult and child are made aware of the creative play between the school-place and the outer adult world. Participating artists include Isabel Nolan, Finola Jones, Antonio Scarponi, Bernard Smyth, Tonico Lemos Auad and Linda Quinlan amongst others.


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Cork 2005: Superbia2
Kuratoren: Stephen Brandes, Darragh Hogan
Ort: St Columba's Boy's National School, Douglas

mit Tonico Lemos Auad, Rhona Byrne, Peter Callesen, Clodagh Emoe, Brian Griffiths, Finola Jones, David Kavanagh, Kevin Kelly, Lorna Macintyre, Isabel Nolan, Linda Quinlan, Jay Roche & Anthony Kelly, Antonio Scarponi, Bernard Smyth