press release

Berlin, Palio, Thassos This work consists of 10 photos measuring 120x120 cm. For this project I have photographed my father (quarry), my mother, my grandmother and myself (my home) and two seascape (childhood memorials).

The theme of this project moves from the images of an entombed figure in her private space to a ‘family conversation’ diptych, to the walled-in, solitary paternal figure to landscapes of the mythical land of childhood. Taken together the pictures form a story that can no longer be told. In the death-like repose of the reclining figure I wanted to convey a sense of loss, the loss of the capacity to represent our everydayness. It is the dumbstruck silence that follows this loss that has motivated these pictures. Along the same lines the other pictures forming the project carry signifiers of death, death not only as loss of meaning, mortality, biological cessation, but also as the threat of an ever increasing distance that suppurates our closest bonds. Anguish and desolation as the constant companions of our deepest loves.

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Christina Dimitriadis
“Obscure Passages”