press release

"Broniewski" is an interdisciplinary artistic undertaking, organized by Raster gallery, dedicated the Polish poet and translator Wadysaw Broniewski (1897-1962). The exhibition is to be accompanied by a CD album with contemporary interpretations of Broniewski\'s poems by artists from the independent music scene.

He used to call himself a \"revolutionary poet\". In the history of the Polish 20th century literature, and in the common memory of the last three generations alike, Broniewski came to be remembered as both the leading representative of the proletarian poetry and the inheritor of the national romantic tradition. He was both a communist and a patriot; an artist and an activist of the pre-war Left. Eventually, with the end of the Second World War, he became a much-abused icon of the socialist literature. Broniewski is a multi-dimensional and ambiguous figure - a Polish Mayakovsky who died too late.

What mechanisms in the course of History changed the communist-committed poet into a representative of the hatred establishment of the pseudo-democratic, socialist state? The character of Wadysaw Broniewski embodies this very part of the collective memory with which we still do not know how to cope. It also provides a starting point for discussing relations between art and the state, between independency and power, as well as the contemporary meaning of the notion of patriotism itself. The artists invited to participate in the Broniewski exhibition represent not only different generations but also varying ideas concerning one\'s political duties. However, the exhibition also features archive materials.


Project in cooperation with Broniewski Museum and Lampa magazine

mit Michal Budny, Rafal Bujnowski, Oskar Dawicki, Przemyslaw Kwiek, Zbigniew Libera, Wilhelm Sasnal