press release

Our aim with Britannia Works was to introduce Athenians to the multicultural, multi-ethnic, perspectives of the UK art scene today.

Leading international curator, Katerina Gregos, focussed on the openness of contemporary UK to a younger generation of increasingly multi-ethnic artists.

The event exhibited the works of twenty-nine artists in four venues for six weeks.

The artists in the exhibition – the majority of whom were exhibiting in Greece for the first time – presented work in all media and styles, reflecting a variety of concerns from history, politics, social reality and everyday life, to identity issues and the nature of art itself. This exhibition of British art became in itself an act of crossing boundaries and fusing cultures.


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presented by the British Council, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Xippas Gallery, The Breeder
Kurator: Katerina Gregos

mit Faisal Abduallah, Babak Afrassiabi, Shahin Afrassiabi, Ergin Cavusoglu, Jeremy Deller, Nick Evans, Sophie von Hellermann, Julie Henry, Marine Hugonnier, Runa Islam, Mark Leckey, Camilla Low, Rosalind Nashashibi, Hayley Newman, John Riddy, Zineb Sedira, George Shaw, David Shrigley, DJ Simpson, Tim Stoner, Mark Titchner, Nobuko Tsuchiya, Richard Wathen, Gary Webb, Shizuka Yokomizo

06.04.04 - 29.05.29 ILEANA TOUNTA Athen
06.04.04 - 29.05.29 The Breeder, Athen
06.04.04 - 29.05.29 Xippas Gallery, Athen
06.04.04 - 29.05.29 British Council, Athen