press release

Opavivará! Espreguiçadeira Multi (Beach Chair Multi), 2009.
Brazil has been chosen as the new country theme of museum Beelden aan Zee for the art manifestation in 2016. Museum Beelden aan Zee, the Lange Voorhout and various satellites will showcase numerous works by contemporary artists from Brazil. Previous years have had visitors enjoy sculptural works from China, South Africa, Russia, France and Flanders. The 2016 Olympic Games have given the impulse for a tribute to the Brazilian sculpture.The literal translation of the word Beleza is beauty but it is now used by young people and friends as a greeting or as a ‘What’s up?’.

The new summer exhibition of Museum Beelden aan Zee is curated by Carolyn H. Drake, independent curator and director at A Tale of a Tub in Rotterdam, in conjunction with Alessandra Laitempergher at Museum Beelden aan Zee.

There will be over thirty participating artists, Amilcar de Castro, Marcius Galan, Héctor Zamora, Marcos Chaves, OPAVIVARÁ!, Marcelo Cidade, amongst others.