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Preview Sat 12 May 07 9pm-1.30am

We send and receive non-verbal signals all the time often unawares. See how artists use the technique of ‘people watching’ – from choreographed performances to improvised documentaries. Experience how the traditional genre of figurative painting has evolved – from studio photography to computer game characters and cinematic portraits. Try this primal form of communication employing gestures and postures; eyes and smiles; masques and tattoos; sounds and colours.

New works by Claude Closky | Su Grierson | Matt Hulse | Sam Spreckley and Kosta Tonev

Lyrebird Redux by Nick Janaway + Eleftheria Mylona + Rebecca Prentice + Sean Williams

mishmash works by David Bradley | BomYi Choi | Allan Crook | Anna Druka | Ewan Dunnett | Graeme Halliday | Gemma Mannion | Sarah Messenger + Andrew Rankine | Graeme Plunkett | Nadia Rossi + Catherine Weir | Georg Scherlin and Jay Williams.

Curated by lliyana Nedkova

only in german

Body Language
Kurator: lliyana Nedkova

mit Claude Closky, Brody Condon, Su Grierson, Matt Hulse, Dan Perjovschi, Rafael Rozendaal, Sam Spreckley, Kosta Tonev, Nick Janaway / Eleftheria Mylona / Rebecca Prentice / Sean Williams, David Bradley, Bom Yi Choi, Allan Crook, Anna Druka, Ewan Dunnett, Graeme Halliday, Gemma Mannion, Sarah Messenger / Andrew Rankine, Graeme Plunkett, Nadia Rossi / Catherine Weir, Georg Scherlin, Jay Williams ...