press release

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is honoured to have the privilege and the pleasure to organize the first retrospective exhibition of works by Bjarne Melgaard (b. 1967).

Bjarne Melgaard’s expressive paintings, drawings and sculptures have already achieved a unique position in the contemporary art world. His characteristic style and provocative themes have made him a controversial and valued artist whose works are well represented in the Astrup Fearnley Collection. For this retrospective exhibition we have gathered works from the last fifteen years. We will present several of his new paintings and a new version of the installation Greenland, a Novel from 2008.

Melgaard’s art contains literary references and he is also inspired by films and music. Melgaard has been invited by the Cinematek to curate a film programme with films that have been inspiring to him both as a person and an artist. Read more about the film programme.

An exhibition catalogue with texts by Gunnar B. Kvaran, John Kelsey, Jan Hoet, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hanne Beate Ueland will be published by Skira.

Curators: Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hanne Beate Ueland and Grete Årbu

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Bjarne Melgaard
Kuratoren: Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hanne Beate Ueland, Grete Arbu