press release

Between the Map and the Territory is an exhibition inspired by a book. In 2010 the French author Michel Houellebecq wrote his bestselling novel The Map and the Territory. Its title is derived from the assertion made by Polish linguist Alfred Korzybski, ‘The map is not the territory’. The map-territory relationship describes the impossible relationship between a location and the representation of that location, such as the relationship between a city and its map. In his book, Houellebecq uses the fictional course of a successful artist’s life as the framework for a series of essay-like observations on the failure of the capitalist system and the decline of modernism. But also in the reality of the Twenty-teens, increasing numbers of writers and theorists are attempting to think beyond modernism. But how can these attempts make a difference when The Map is Not the Territory and the relationship between words and reality is an impossible one?

Between the Map and the Territory manifests itself as a frame story for a number of artists who address our complex relationship to modernism, capitalism, politics and citizenship in the contemporary city, in a productive, but also deliberately evasive way.

Between the Map and the Territory
Kuratorin: Mariette Dölle

Künstler: Bik Van der Pol, Maaike Gouwenberg & Joris Lindhout, Karin Hueber, Anna Okrasko, Elian Somers, Emily Whitebread