press release

Opening 25 October 2008

When can we talk about the photographic and moving image as an agent? How can the image act and function in a time when many visual strategies have been disarmed or canonized?

With these questions as a starting point, the project "Between the Images" presents works in which artists explicitly use images to highlight or renegotiate political, social or aesthetic conventions.

In parallel to the digital revolution and the emergence of political theories that question the possibility for representation, a discussion has evolved that considers possibilities for the photographic and moving image to exist beyond depiction and documentation, which opens for new artistic strategies and applications.

Within the frame of "Between the Images", through exhibitions, screenings, lectures, texts and discussions, we want to focus on the politics and possibilities of the image. With the starting point in a selection of contemporary as well as older works and with the film essay as a historical reference, "Between the Images" is a study of the image as negotiation today.

Petra Bauer, Kim Einarsson, Helena Holmberg


Iaspis 25 Oct - 9 Nov Ion Grigorescu, Ivan Grubanov, Runo Lagomarsino, The Otolith Group and Ines Schaber

Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation 25 Oct - 7 Dec VALIE EXPORT

Rumänska kulturinstitutet 25 Oct - 9 Jan Guy Ben-Ner, Nanna Debois Buhl, Andrea Faciu, Daniel Knorr and Alex Villar

wip:konsthall 25 Oct - 1 Nov Harun Farocki 1 Nov - 8 Nov Miri Segal 8 Nov - 15 Nov The Otolith Group 15 Nov - 22 Nov Anri Sala

Between the Images
Imaginable Experiences for Future Memories

Cinemateket, Iaspis; Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation; Romanian Cultural Institute; wip:konsthall

Künstler: Chantal Akerman, John Akomfrah, Guy Ben-Ner, James Benning, Wang Bing, Black Audio Film Collective  / Reece Auguiste, Magnus Bärtas, Joanna Davis / Mary Pat Leece, Nanna Debois Buhl, Andrea Faciu, Harun Farocki, Ion Grigorescu, Ivan Grubanov, Emma Hedditch, Daniel Knorr, Runo Lagomarsino, The Otolith Group, Lukasz Ronduda, Annika Ruth Persson, Anri Sala, Hedwig Saxenhuber, Ines Schaber, Miri Segal, Simon Sheikh, Fernando E. Solanas / Octavio Getino, VALIE EXPORT, Alex Villar