press release

Conceptual, sculptural, and pictorial, Bernar Venet's oeuvre has developed over almost 50 years as an ongoing reflection on the identity of art. From his use of mathematical data to the introduction of the random variable, he combines uncertainty and disorder with mathematical data. His exhibition will include a series of new works produced in 2009, the Effondrements (Collapses) of Corten steel arches, paintings entitled Saturations, a synthetic mix of mathematical data, and the result of a pictorial performance that uses a steel bar.

As part of the same exhibition, the Belgian artist Jacques Charlier will exhibit the previously unseen plates of a comic-strip album entitled La Courbure de l’art, a humorous work about Bernar Venet and the art scene.

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Bernar Venet & Jacques Charlier

Kurator: Claude Lorent