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BERLINER LISTE 2015 - Berlin’s Biggest Art Fair

Parallel to Berlin Art Week, the 13th edition of BERLINER LISTE will be held from September 15th to 18th, 2016 in the legendary Kraftwerk Berlin . Emerging gallery programs, project spaces and artists are invited to apply for the fair until June 30th, 2016.
As a forum for emerging, international art at affordable prices, the BERLINER LISTE attracts every year a wider audience. 123 exhibitors from 23 countries presented their work to more than 11,000 young collectors, art lovers and fans at last year’s show.
The unique, raw and urban atmosphere of Kraftwerk in Berlin Mitte, the former East Berlin power station, is the ideal location for Berlin’s oldest and biggest art fair.

New: Urban Art Section
A vital element of the art scene is urban art, mirroring the lively, authentic and non-elite like no other art form. The logical consequence of this is the creation of a new Urban Art Section. We are delighted that renowned gallery owner of Open Walls Gallery, Guillaume Trotin, will curate street art, graffiti and illustrations for this year.
He is very much aware of what made Berlin such a centre of attraction for creatives worldwide in the first place: being a heavily vivid, authentic and non-elitist place - attributes that certainly will be reflected on in his new position at BERLINER LISTE as well. Therefore the urban art section simply won’t showcase the talent of an elaborate gallery network, but offers a creative playground for artists, galleries and the art-interested public instead, knowing that art per se shouldn’t be seen as a trophy, but as something beautiful one just loves to interact with.

Photography Section
The Photography Section will be a special highlight for photography lovers and collectors. Photographer and collector Stefan Maria Rother is the new curator of the section. The son of the in Essen born artist Thomas Rother leads today the degree program for media photography at the School of Entertainment and Technology SET and is a lecturer at the Academy of Arts Berlin-Weissensee.
The section will be given visual prominence within this year’s exhibition space. International galleries, artists and foundations focused on photography are particularly encouraged to apply.

Gallery Section and Artist Section
For the 4th time, Dr. Peter Funken is going to curate this year’s fair. The EXBERLINER magazine reported on last year’s fair: “What distinguishes this fair is the diversity of the art shown; and the continued collaboration with curator Peter Funken not only sucessfully maintains a leitmotiv for the art, but it keeps the Liste’s presentation-footing true to the unique aesthetics of both local Berlin, German, and international art. {...} Discovery truly is the name of the game.”


The list of exhibitors of the BERLINER LISTE 2016:

Gallery Section
Adgang Forbudt (Denmark), Apollo Art Gallery (Taiwan), artfein Gallery (Germany), Art&Space 312 (Republik Korea), Assembly Gallery (Poland), brauckmann-art (The Netherlands), Bueffelfish - contemporary fine arts gallery (Germany), Cell63 artgallery (Germany), coGALERIE (Germany), Die Schröder-Galerie (Germany), DUB Gallery (Czech Republic), Galerie Achtzig (Germany), Galerie Böhner (Germany), Galerie Hofkabinett (Austria), Galerie Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt (Germany), Galerie Nummer 40 (The Netherlands), Gallery Rembrandt (The Netherlands), Galerie Rosemarie Bassi (Germany), Galleria Unique (Italy), German Pop Art Galerie (Germany), Kalashnikovv Gallery (South Africa), Kunstverein Artinnovation (Austria), la galería de guadalajara (Spain), londonprintstudio (United Kingdom), Mario Bermel & 24 Beaubourg (Germany/France), Neodent Gallery (Czech Republic), Pine Wood Fine Art (Germany), RAWW (Romania), Studio GR (Italy/USA), Systema Gallery (Japan), Teehausgalerie Potsdam (Germany), Verein Berliner Künstler (Germany), Wolfram Völcker Fine Art (Germany)

Photography Section
Jürgen Bartenschlager (Germany), Johann Camut | Dagmar Friedrich (Germany), Anabell Ganske (Germany), Petula Girndt (Germany), Adam Goodison (United Kingdom), Andrea Gregori (Germany), Andrey Kezzyn (Russia), Jan Künzler (Germany), Robert Laatz (Germany), Daniela Paulus (Germany), Sandvoort Gallery (The Netherlands), Jordan Seiler (USA), SET – school of entertainment and technology (Germany), Cecilia Zawadzki (Germany)

Artist Section
Margarete Adler (Germany), Kerstin Arnold (Germany), Artemidis (Germany), Artem-Reich (Switzerland), Daniela Baumann (Germany), Markus J. Becker (Germany), Urs Bumke (Germany), Luigi Caiffa (Germany), Collectors Club (Germany), Annuska Dal Mazo (Finland), Antar Dayal (USA), Marie-Lou Desmeules (Spain), Dimitri Dimitriadès / Eoésis (France), Astrid Echle (Germany), Kaja el Attar (Germany), Gregory Emvy (Russia), Panos Famelis (Greece), Hans Galliker (Switzerland), Evgeny Gegouzin (Israel), Martin George (Australia), Pavel Guliaev (Russia), Christof Hartmann (Germany), Jason Haufe (Australia), Jürgen Haupt (Spain), Gabriele Heynold (Germany), Jeanet Hönig (Switzerland), Isterika (Germany), Anna Käse (Germany), Hyun Ok Kim (Germany), Thomas Koch (Germany), Doris Kollmann (Germany), Ivan Kostolov (Germany), Hans W. Krämer (Germany), Xavier Krilyk (Germany), Evdokia Kulikova (Germany), Sonja Lefevre-Burgdorf (Germany), Lilau (Germany), Medienwerkstatt Berlin (Germany), Alina Melnikova (Spain), Sol Michiels (Belgium), Kang Mu-Xiang (Taiwan), Alexandru Nestor (Romania), Laurent Nurisso (France), Stefan Pietsch (Germany), Marion Pohl (Germany), Edvardas Racevicius (Germany), Hamacher und Reichert (Germany), Freddy Reitz (Germany), Andrea Schöning (Germany), EunJung Seo-Zimmermann (Germany), Giorgi Shengelia (The Netherlands), Henriette Simon (Germany), Carl Smith Art (Germany), Stale Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Anja Struck (Germany), Tobias Twilling (Germany), Urban Art Cologne by Unikat 5 (Germany), Sandra van der Meulen (The Netherlands), Visuman (Germany), Ayis Zita (Greece)

Urban Art Section
Hendrik Czakainski (Germany), Doppeldenk (Germany), Lodown Magazine (Germany), Thomas Marecki (Germany), Open Walls Gallery (Germany), OX (France), Serigraffeur (Germany), Urban Spree Galerie (Germany), Widewalls (Switzerland)