press release

“Because it’s like that now, it won’t stay that way” *)

No social system remains forever. What seems to be the best of all forms of coexistence today may already be corrupted tomorrow and its replacement by a new system is only a question of time. What is linked to this is, of course, our mission to work for the upcoming new and hopefully better system. Art dealing with the challenges of the present time can and has to have an effect on life, and first and foremost it has to raise our awareness of things. Raise awareness of subjects which are underrepresented in the public discourse or which are in desperate need of certain points of view and visions, subjects where art with its possibilities can convey ideas on a different level than journalistic or scientific work. It can disrupt the usual flow of ideas and celebrate the decomposition of the mechanisms of representation, push forward the disintegration of stereotypes and foster the conscious perception of a society, above all the consciousness of a grown environment too, of historical references and environments which play an important role in socially and politically committed art. History is permanently reconstructed through the present-day approach and our attempts at reinterpretation. There is enough need for a critical analysis of the constructions of history with the means of art, especially of those chapters in history which are rightly called unaccounted for.

*From: Bertolt Brecht, Life of Galileo

Because it´s like now, it won´t stay that way
Kuratoren: Margarethe Makovec, Anton Lederer

Künstler: Michael Blum, G.R.A.M. , Anna Jermolaewa, Franz Kapfer, Leopold Kessler, Martin Krenn, Lisl Ponger, Oliver Ressler, Isa Rosenberger, Marusa Sagadin / Michael Hieslmair, Jun Yang