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The anual art show "Art Positive" at the Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv is dedicated to the role of the artist as aficionado on crisis. Since doom-mongering is booming, hardly a day goes by without news of currency crash, bankruptcy and crisis. It seems that the crisis has become the imaginary standpoint of our time. It´s found to be everywhere: in the economy, in our social values and last but not least in art. Hard times for optimists. But artists are experts in crisis. They meet the incessantly bad prognoses with alternative models, for their capital is creativity and is thus decoupled from the fluctuations of the global economy. Art has the power to create new spaces and discourses. This is as naive as self-evident. The power of art is its liberty, and that means its critical attitude towards prevailing opinions and moods. In this sense: every time its crisis, to art its optimism. Art Positiv is based on the principles of art-salons. Every year a certain theme is announced. All contributions are to be discussed by a jury. The team of Art Today Association supports the artists with the realization of the art projects.

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Art Positive 2010 - OPTIMISM
Kurator: Jakob Racek

Künstler: Antonia Kostova, Velizar Dimchev, Vyacheslav Esenkov, David Heywood, Desislava Dimcheva, Eleonora Chadzhinikolova, Emil Mirazchiev, Krasimir Dobrev, Kosta Tonev, Lora Parmakova, Maria Mitkova, Natasha Kyupova, Sevdalina Kochevska