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Art After Dark is a unique series of events which invites you to discover contemporary art projects every Thursday night. The beautiful architectural space of the Louise Blouin Institute, featuring a permanent James Turrell light installation, will be the perfect setting for these evening social art events. Join us weekly during the summer to sip dark rum while experiencing art in the form of performance, video, sound, light and installation.

July 10 It Happened Here: a tribute to Ladbroke Grove Jonathan Barnett (festival director of the Portobello Film Festival) will showcase work inspired by in the neighbourhood of Ladbroke Grove (the very neighbourhood of the Institute). This event will celebrate a collection of films, video art, sculpture and music by West London artists and DJs.

July 17 Markov Chain Monte Carlo: CutUp Guillaume Breton presents CutUP, a collective of artists who primarily deal with art on the street and interventions in public space. For one night only, CutUP move inside the Institute to take full advantage of its vast space (5,000sq feet) through large installations and performance. The event, undoubtedly, will prove to be an energetic and chaotic evening filled with intriguing imagery and sound, from alarm clocks to television noise, sequencers to wall projections.

July 24 Controversial video works by LA artists Never-before seen in the UK, experience the videos of LA artists Marco Brambilla, Joe Sola, Dean Shamshima, Eurydice Kassemvelli, and Monica Majoli (curated by Brooke Lynn McGowan). The show highlights recent work by these emerging artists from or practicing in Los Angeles. The works examine the mediation of sex, intimacy, and sexuality.

July 31 3 a.m. Eternal (after): an exploration of club culture In collaboration with the Super Super magazine, Alexandre Pollazzon and SuperSteve present 3 a.m. Eternal (after). The show addresses the experience of nightclubbing and presents a series of works by artists who have been influenced by contemporary club culture.

August 7 Video works by renowned artist Mark Neville Experience high-speed films of Sectarian marches that take place in Scotland, both Protestant and Catholic. By being surrounded by 6 large video screens and an accompanying soundtrack of protest march songs filling your ears, you will be emerged in the atmosphere of the march. Curator Flora Fairbairn presents this new video work from Mark Neville who deals with issues of religion and social struggle. Neville's work is currently on display at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute and he has exhibited recently at Tate Britain and Modern Art Oxford, and Kunsthalle Bern, in Switzerland.

August 14 Act Out: Adam Asnan, Thomas Kratz, Manon De Boer, Marjan Laaper and Catherine Sullivan. nofixedabode will present Act Out: a one night project which will include live performance, video and sound. The event will bring together live performances by London based artists Adam Asnan and Thomas Kratz alongside video works by Manon De Boer, Marjan Laaper and Catherine Sullivan generously lent from the collection of Jean-Conrad and Isabelle Lemâitre. Showcasing artists who use performance in distinctive forms, the project aims to explore the notion of performance combining elements from music, theatre, film, dance and sculpture.

August 21 Light Divided: an exploration of light by various artists Ben Austin presents a contemporary interpretation on the age-old technique of Chiaroscuro – the extremes of light and dark. A mix of both emerging and established painters, photographers and video artists explore both the aesthetic and psychological effects of light, and its ability to both create and destroy.

August 28 White Label Orchestra shares the KEY TO JOY E flat major is the sublime key. The heroic key. The hieroglyphic to joy! This evening of live and recorded music in E flat major brings together a group of musicians, artists, videasts and invite them to play, create and interpret the music. live. Five hours of classical music combined with a lovely touch of humor to discover or re-discover Richard Wagner.

September 4 Sound, installation and video from acclaimed Russian artists The most internationally renowned Russian artists Alexander Ponomarev, Sergey Bugaev Afrika, Hermes Zygott, and Yuri Kalendarev will be gracing the Institute’s space with their latest works. Victoria Ionina presents a show with a mix of sound, installation and video, as well as a soundtrack by Unknown Instruments Orchestra. Works included are the latest video aquatic works and installations by Ponomarev, experimental lab installation by Afrika, newest light-boxes by Zygott, and various video-art and documentary films about Russian Art events.

September 11 Paula Naughton + Greg Poole the co- founders of Stomper, come together with Mark Melvin in a curatorial collaboration called 'Twilight Suite' to push the boundaries between music and visual art. Over the duration of the event the function of the space will morph between exhibition and stage as narratives start and finish, environments alter and audiences circulate. The aim is to create a format combining different creative agendas with DJ Culture, Internet art, light works, photography, contemporary classical music, installation and video existing alongside and complementing each other allowing the audience to move in and out of different creative realms. .

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Art After Dark

Künstler: Mark Neville, Marco Brambilla, Joe Sola, Dean Shamshima, Eurydice Kassemvelli, Monica Majol, Adam Asnan, Thomas Kratz, Manon de Boer, Marjan Laaper, Catherine Sullivan, Alexandre Ponomarev, Sergej Bugajew Afrika, Hermes Zygott, Yuri Kalendare ...