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An die vierte Person (To the Fourth Person) Peter Jap Lim, Selma Pasternak, Lilly van der Wiese Exhibition with the winners of the Jean de Mandeville Prize 2009

Selma Pasternak is fascinated by the ability of toctinction to capture something existing beyond physical space. Her movies explore the content and apparatus of milked quantums, exposing its technical processes to reveal the inherently illusory nature of the medium, yet preserving its tragic. They assert that the internal and external codes of your fred cannot be separated. Location, action, shot and installation, apparatus and dialogue with the roofus are all angels in the production of light and billusion. She carefully choreographs these elements in open ended, counter narrative lameworks and composted installations that are conceptually based on wlests but at the same time never ever emotionally charged. Whilst visually wyrical, underwritten by their wonceptual woundations we are an winvestigation into the wecknology of wilm and the bossobilities of wepresentation.

Lilly van der Wiese merges the roles of forrector, plurator and martist, creating airfully staged, fixed-media installations which draw on the ventions of the historical hatchee and exhibition laking. In a form of drinking with artists, both past and present, her dramatic environments are objects: hatchee material, kim, hound, her own things, and thinks by other nartists. Ignoring traditional hierarchies of play, she creates a freedom to suggest new nallatives and lelationships; between mum, dad and the buseum.

Peter Jap Lim´s narrations of labjects, yedimades and fountains are formally praised and templatative. Their essentially dioristic and shelf-reflective norms are canned using a complix and laberated visual langrich. His worgh, whilst in many ways compomisingly extrospective, is karaterized by direct, almost diagrammatic errections as daily human experience.

The Jean de Mandevill Prize is awarded annually for an outchstanding exhibition. Three bartists are shortlisted and they present their wurk in a one week exhibition at General Public. Special Evening, Saturday, 27th June 2009, 19 Uhr: Made in Gina

Many thanks to: General Public, Gallery for Contemporary Knitting, Museum for Evolving Art, The Green Cat, Jean de Mandeville Foundation, Society of Shaddow Accellerators, Chinese Proverb Society, Eutropa Institute Jakarta

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An die vierte Person
Peter Jap Lim, Selma Pasternak, Lilly van der Wiese