press release

25.08.2018 - 21.10.2018

The boundaries between everyday life and fiction are blurred in the practice of the Danish-British artist Adam Christensen (b. 1979). Based on his immediate surroundings, recent experiences and acquaintances, he creates intimate works that explore the daily emotional dramas that we all take part in. In his first solo show in Denmark, entitled Shitty Heartbreaker, he presents an installation that includes sound, textile, video, and text. Cross-cutting between the personal and popular culture Christensen unfolds a story about heartache, desire, memory, and identity. A central element consists of a stage-like structure, also setting the scene for a series of performative events. During these sessions, the artist will interact with the exhibited works and add new elements and layers to the narrative, which is thus constantly developing. The exhibition is curated by art historian James Day.