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It was a cliché of the twentieth century that the Irish artist must go abroad in order to establish recognition for themselves. But thankfully in the past three decades this manoeuvre has been undermined by a fecundity of arts activity and opportunity. Abigail O'Brien harks back to that earlier age, though resident in Dublin, her ambitious projects have received more recognition in continental Europe than they have had in Ireland.

The Seven Sacraments charts O'Brien's exploration of three major themes; the meaning of ritual in domestic life, the changing iconography of religion and the female figure in contemporary art. O'Brien uses the sacraments as an armature to delve into the pivotal points of human existence from birth through to death. She reworks the iconography attached to each sacrament into a contemporary domestic setting rendering it free of the pomp and regalia of some historical treatments. And she firmly places the female sensibility center stage of the narrative and drama associated with each sacrament.

We are delighted to join with out colleagues in Haus der Kunst, München and in Kunstverein, Lingen in realizing this exhibition of her Seven Sarcaments.


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Abigail O´Brien
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