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En vecka i solen - del 4, 31/7 - 4/8 Hinterconti - Hamburg (DE), Jonas Liveröd (SE), Fredrik Værslev (NO).

Botnik Studios presents the fourth exhibition in the project A Week in the Sun. During 5 weeks this summer a selection of Nordic and German self organized and artist run galleries and artist groups are invited to present an exhibition in the new 120 square meter gallery space in Skärholmen - Gerlesborg during a short residency. Now it's time for Hinterconti from Hamburg (DE) to enter the gallery. At the same time we are exhibiting works from Jonas Liveröd (SE) and Fredrik Værslev (NO) under the label Botnic Invited. During the summer more than 100 artists from around 15 nations will take part of the project.

Some of the works from the first exhibition will remain on view during this period as well. Please visit our web page for more accurate updates of what's shown in the gallery.

Hinterconti is an artists-run space situated in St. Pauli, Hamburg. Founded in 1999 as a non-profit organisation run by ten people Hinterconti organizes regularly exhibitions with weekly openings. Less focussed on specific themes or ideologies, Hinterconti rather provides possibilities for upcoming artists to gain their first experiences in the practical field of presenting work to a broad audience. However, Hinterconti is not just a place for art students but also for professionals and artists from abroad.

Following the invitation of Botnik Studios to have „One Week in the Sun“ Hinterconti asked friends and guests for small-sized works which could be easily transported by car to Gerlesborg to present a „cut-out“ of its regular programme. Bringing together productions of over 40 artists, this kind of holiday selection summerizes drawings, photographs, videos plus a model of the actual showroom which serves as a little movie theatre.

Participating Artists: Akane Kimbara (JP), Almut Grypstra (DE), Anna Möller (DE), Annelie Schütz (DE), Arne Knöll (DE), Beatrix Pang (CN), Bela Jansen & Block Barley (DE), Bernd Krauß (DE), Bettina Menke (DE), Birgit Wudtke (DE), Christoph A. Blawert (DE), Christoph Rothmeier (DE), Cordula Ditz (DE), Daniela Fromberg (DE), (CN/DE/JP/NO/PO), funk 25 (DE), Gabriele Jolowicz (DE), Glenn Gefken (DE), Hannah Rath (DE), Hanne Frank (DE), Janine Eggert (DE), Jörn Stahlschmidt (DE), Julia Steinmann (DE), Kim Nekada (DE), Kora Jünger (DE), Lily Wittenburg (DE), Maria Tobiassen (DE), Marte Kiessling (DE), Michael Kraft (DE), Michael Thomas (DE), Moki (DE), Monika Michalko (DE), Nadja Frank (DE), Naomie Hennig (DE), Natalie Plato (DE), Niina Braun (FI), Patrick Fazar (DE), Philipp Ricklefs (DE), Philipp Haffner (DE), Sarah Steiner (DE), Sascha Hommer (DE), Stefan Mannel (DE), The Haina (DE), The Obelisk (CA), Ulu Braun (DE), Thomas Ehgartner (AT), Vanessa Nica Mueller (DE), Veit Rogge (DE), Wolfgang Fütterer (DE)

Jonas Liveröd (SE), Fredrik Værslev (NO).

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En vecka i solen - del 4
(A Week in the Sun - part 4)
Zusammenarbeit mi Hinterconti, Hamburg

mit Jonas Liveröd, Fredrik Vaerslev
Akane Kimbara, Almut Grypstra, Anna Möller, Annelie Schütz, Arne Knöll, Beatrix Pang, Bela Jansen & Block Barley, Bernd Krauß, Bettina Menke, Birgit Wudtke, Christoph A. Blawert, Christoph Rothmeier, Cordula Ditz, Daniela Fromberg,, funk 25 , Gabriele Jolowicz, Glenn Gefken, Hannah Rath, Hanne Frank, Janine Eggert, Jörn Stahlschmidt, Julia Steinmann, Kim Nekada, Kora Jünger, Lily Wittenburg, Maria Tobiassen, Marte Kiessling, Michael Kraft, Michael Thomas, Moki, Monika Michalko, Nadja Frank, Naomie Hennig, Natalie Plato, Niina Braun, Patrick Fazar, Philipp Ricklefs, Philipp Haffner, Sarah Steiner, Sascha Hommer, Stefan Mannel, The Haina, The Obelisk, Ulu Braun, Thomas Ehgartner, Vanessa Nica Mueller, Veit Rogge, Wolfgang Fütterer